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Natural Living Monday | Natural Chow

Thank you for joining us on Natural Living Monday. I am excited to see the great things you have been doing to live a more natural, whole, holistic life.

Your Hosts:

Amanda from Natural Living Mamma

Andrea from Homemade for Elle

Margaret from Natural Chow

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Do you remember that diffuser I told you about last week? I have been using my favorite essential oils in it NONSTOP. Not only does it make my house smell nice, but it also helps us to focus, stay calm, feel grounded, and helps us to feel happy. It’s quite amazing.

This week I hit 1000 likes on Facebook. How awesome is that? And in case you’re interested in starting a blog yourself, I’ll be sharing a very descriptive and easy way to start a blog pretty soon so stay tuned. (It’ll be shared on the Facebook page and in the newsletter so watch out for that. ;) )

Last week’s most popular posts were:


No Nut Nutella by The Pistachio Project

No Nut Nutella by The Pistachio Project

6 Steps to Natural Beauty by Simple Life Mom

6 Steps to Natural Beauty by Simple Life Mom


Honey Orange Fruit Snacks by Raias Recipes

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What are your best natural living posts this week?


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