Summer Macaroni Salad In Lemon-Thyme Dressing

sps2I must say…lemon has a very interesting flavor. Especially when paired with mayonnaise,thyme, peas, and spinach. Creamy lemon noodles? I know you think I’m crazy. I’m not. I promise. I was honestly resistant once I dipped my finger in the dressing. I was really thinking it was going to be gross but it wasn’t.

If the summertime had a flavor that I could actually taste, I have a small hunch that the flavor would be of lemons. Those juicy, colorful and tangy little glowing orbs that offer a sharpness and zing to all they come in contact with make the taste of this season come alive with vibrancy. A cool and creamy summer macaroni salad kissed with a hint of fresh lemon and herbs will liven up your get-together and wake up everybody’s taste buds, making everyone glad that it’s summertime.  [Read more…]

Menu Plan // July 2013

I decided I’d give you guys another meal plan because I realized that everyone needs variety. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting for you to follow my first Menu Plan week after week. That would be pretty weird. Anyways, after looking through the first menu plan, I found that some things were a little repetitive and could become boring after a little while. Lets just say there was no zing. Nothing that made it special. So I came up with a new one that was more explained, easier to follow, more cost efficient, and less time consuming.

Menu Plan // July 2013 [Read more…]

Delightful Pancakes: One Stack At A Time

Oh dear!

It’s finally here!

But only because I’ve found it. And I made it (oops). But they were soooo good. You wanna know how long it’s been since I’ve had a hot, steamy, light, fluffy, sinful stack of pancakes sitting smack dab in the middle of the table? I’ll fill you in with a pic.

pancake1 I found the recipe here and fell in love instantly. Did I mention they tasted fabulous? I had plans for my whole wheat flour so I did a half and half mixture of unbleached all-purpose and white whole wheat flour. [Read more…]

Menu Plan // June 2013

So I am always looking for meal plans because that’s just how I roll. It saves tons of money. Although I have found a few sites that have great meal plans, I need one that fits my lifestyle and diet plan. I usually end up having to create my own off of the meals that I make and the ideas that I get from other places.

Menu Plan // June 2013

My family eats lots of fruits, veggies, and grains. We eat meat as a flavor-er, not as the main course. This changes the types of meals that we can make. As a result, I have to come up with a meal plan that includes healthy, nutritious meals that I know won’t go to waste. Plus, it isn’t impossible to buy cheap healthy foods. Dry beans, rice, and lentils are so cheap and healthy it isn’t even funny. [Read more…]

Essentials of a Healthy Shopping List

Healthy Shopping ListIs your shopping list healthy? Are the things you put in there food and not ingredients? If you answered no to either of those questions, maybe it’s time you revamped your shopping list. If your trying to eat healthier, avoiding foods that are already made is a big leap towards freedom. You might be wondering what freedom I’m talking about, but I’m talking about the freedom from eating foods that are bad for you. Once you start buying healthier foods, you’ll definitely notice the difference in your diet. [Read more…]