Assorted Tazo Tea and Tea Tumbler Giveaway (Winner!)

I know everyone has been dying to know who won the amazing tea giveaway. It’s been amazing to see the dietary choices of a lot of the entrants. A lot of them are vegetarian, gluten-free, traditional, and there was even a comment that said they followed the GERD diet. I couldn’t believe I hit the button that said “Choose the winner!” I felt bad of course that not everyone could win. And that only one of you would win the amazing tea. The prizes have been secured and will be shipped to the winner on Monday. Speaking of the winner…

The winner of the assorted Tazo Tea and the magnificent blue tea tumbler is…(eek)

Entry #1145: Mary Beth R.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. I appreciate you taking the time to enter the giveaway. The winner has been emailed.

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