Menu Plan // April 2014

Just about every month, there’s a holiday. Sometimes, there’s even more than one holiday in a month. And usually around that time I’m running around with my head chopped off trying to plan and shop. For example, yesterday was Easter. Last week was so hectic, so I was very, very grateful that I had a menu plan to fall back on. 

Menu Plan // April 2014


Why I call it a menu plan:

A lot of people make things called meal plans and put them on their blogs. Usually those consist of one planned meal per day. I don’t know about you, but when I try to follow a meal plan, I end up clueless when the other two meals roll around. I do understand that a lot of them are like that because breakfast and lunch are served at school, but they still only give one meal planned for the weekends and I don’t feel like that’s really that convenient. 

So here’s the next menu plan. You can access all of the menu plans here.

Simply click on either page to download this menu plan.

Menu Plan #6 | Natural Chow

Menu Plan #6 | Natural Chow

If you like the menu plans I provide on this blog, you would probably enjoy these free home management printables.

If you would like a personalized menu plan or one that works with your dietary restrictions, I’d be happy to help you. Simply fill out the contact form here with your reason for contacting being Menu Plan Request.

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