Eat natural chow for a healthier lifestyle



Eat natural chow for a healthier lifestyle


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Natural Chow is all about nourishing recipes that make living healthier. If you’re conscious about the food that you consume or interested to know more about how much exercise you need to burn off the extra calories, this is an app that may interest you.


The Sage Project is one of the newest food tech companies that have launched an app to help consumers choose healthy chow. Although, with plenty of apps already providing this service, Sage knew they had to go that little bit further to give users additional information about the additives and preservatives in food to gain a sizeable user base.


It also provides information on how much sugar has been added during processing or how fresh the food is based on where it came from. Detailed information is The Sage Project’s app’s selling point.


“Food labels are a data visualization that we see every day, but we don’t get a lot from them,” said Sam Slover, the chief executive of Sage. “There are a lot of things about those labels that make assumptions about what you know and what you want to know.”


According to a study done by research company 7Park Data, calorie-counting apps that are currently present on both Apple and Android markets are not as effective as they seem to be. Consumers have a failed relationship with their food apps because many people lose interest with them after a few days of use. In January 2016, 16% of the people who downloaded the Lose It app were merely using it once a day. While only 10% of the people who downloaded it were using it more than once a day.


“These apps have trouble keeping customers loyal — if you use them successfully, you don’t need them anymore, and if you don’t use them successfully, you may not think it’s worth it to try more,” said an analyst of 7Park Data. “They’re kind of like the dating apps that way.”


The Sage Project app wants to inspire loyalty by providing a slew of useful and geeky tidbits about the food people eat. Currently, the app has about 20,000 products ranging from natural to organic. If you shop at Whole Foods, the app can read everything that’s on the shelf. That’s because Sage had partnered up with the supermarket chain, deconstructing almost 7,000 unique grocery items in all of its branches.


Sage is a testament to how apps are changing the way people are informed. According to software developer Gaming Realms, people have indeed changed how they view information on the web. Proof of this is that over 50% of the tech company’s audience are now using mobile devices to do their online computing activities. Gaming Realms, apart from being a software developer, has launched a myriad of online gaming titles hosted on Spin Genie, making it an authority in providing information about consumer trends. Smartphones, paired with online connectivity, is the medium of choice today, and Sage takes advantage of this fact in order to reach a wider market, very much in the same way tech behemoths like Gaming Realms have done recently.


Visit Sage’s official page to find out more information about its features.


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