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Menu Plan // July 2013

I decided I’d give you guys another meal plan because I realized that everyone needs variety. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting for you to follow my first Menu Plan week after week. That would be pretty weird. Anyways, after looking through the first menu plan, I found that some things were a little repetitive and could become boring after a little while. Lets just say there was no zing. Nothing that made it special. So I came up with a new one that was more explained, easier to follow, more cost efficient, and less time consuming.

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Easy and Inexpensive Meals

For as long as I can remember, finding cheap, healthy, and delicious meals was not an easy task, especially to suit my parameters. We don’t eat a lot of meat. Meat is a flavor-er, not a meal. I have conducted extensive research on whether or not tofu is bad for you and in what amounts. But guess what I found out. Not only is it tofu okay to eat, the fact that it is fermented soy (try for organic) is seriously good for your health. I have tried tofu nuggets and tofu in ground beef form and they were both absolutely delish.


Anyways, the meal also has to have a substantial amount of nutrition in it. A Crisco loaded biscuit isn’t really going to make a twelve year old big and strong. It may make him big, but it would only make him big as in obese. It also has to at least taste a little good. Any old muffin will not do the job. So I decided to just make a list of foods that A: taste good, B: have nutritional value, and C: isn’t chock loaded with meat or processed foods.

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