Delightful Pancakes: One Stack At A Time

Oh dear!

It’s finally here!

But only because I’ve found it. And I made it (oops). But they were soooo good. You wanna know how long it’s been since I’ve had a hot, steamy, light, fluffy, sinful stack of pancakes sitting smack dab in the middle of the table? I’ll fill you in with a pic.

pancake1 I found the recipe here and fell in love instantly. Did I mention they tasted fabulous? I had plans for my whole wheat flour so I did a half and half mixture of unbleached all-purpose and white whole wheat flour.

The way I’ve been making breakfast lately is mixing the dry ingredients the night before and storing them in a Pyrex container so that I can just add the wet ingredients and go. It rips the total time in half. If you think about it, taking out ingredients, measuring, dumping, and stirring could take some time if you need a substitution or are groggy and half asleep in the mornings like I am. Luckily, coffee saves the day.


Today I fed 6 kids, myself, two adults, and a wee little baby. A single batch makes somewhere around 18 large pancakes. Let’s do some math:

6 + 1 + 2 + 1-ish = 10-ish

Uhhh, yeah. 1 and a half pancakes is not enough. Of course we’re going to have homemade yogurt with it, but 3 per is ideal. That would mean I would have to make a 1.5 batch (about 27 pancakes?).

Anyways, when I made the pancakes this morning, I made a 1.5 batch, yet it still only yielded 23. This was fine since we had yogurt too, but I figured that next time I would just make a double batch and freeze the extras.

Here’s the recipe:

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