How to Grow A Bean Plant From Dry Beans

bean plantEvery now and again, we plant new things in our garden. But have you ever tried to grow beans before? Did you know that it is possible to actually grow a bean plant from the bagged dry beans you get from the grocery store? Well, you can and it’s easier than you think. At my local Walmart, dry red beans in a 1 pound bag costs $1.69 and you can imagine how many bean plants you can grow from that many seeds. Not only is this very economical, it’s also super easy and a great project to do with the kids. Have fun telling them about how the seed turns into food. Children love to see things grow, and beans
grow at a rate where every day it either grows another inch or another leaf.

All You Need Is:

– Dry Beans
– A glass or plastic jar
– Paper towels
– Plastic wrap
– Water
– A needle to puncture the plastic wrap
– A rubber wrist band

First, wet the paper towel and put it in the bottom of the jar, then drop the beans into the jar and wet a second paper towel and put it on top the beans in the jar.

Now stretch some plastic wrap over the mouth of the jar and put a rubber wrist band around the top. Then, poke some holes in the top with a needle, now just wait a couple of days and you’ll soon see a sprout.

Once the sprouts touch the plastic wrap you can take it off, and when your plant grows about 6 inches you can take it out of the jar and plant it into the ground or a pot with dirt. Let your child help with this part.

In a few weeks time, your bean plant or plants will be pretty big. Let me know how the kids liked the project! Maybe take a picture of them and the plant that the helped grow and share it with the family. Have a few suggestions? Have fun with it!big bean plant

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