How to Strengthen Your Bones Organically

Strong bones support a healthy lifestyle. Having the ability to be active and run around is a luxury many people can’t afford. Maybe you’ve broken quite a few bones easily in your life. I know I have!I’ve got three (!) broken toes in all and I’m trying to find ways to heal them since all a doctor can do is give me a splint.


Many people think that by drinking mass amounts of milk, that their bones will be ship shape and ready to go. But I’ve done a little research and it turns out that some of the proteins in pasteurized milk makes it harder for your bones to absorb the calcium that milk is full of. So I found that there are other ways to make your bones strong in a natural and organic way!

if you do not get enough calcium, your body will borrow calcium from the stored supply in your body. If this happens on a regular basis, the bones in your body will become weak, porous and brittle. Once your bones weaken, you have an increased risk of fracturing your bones (Wikihow).

Here are a few ways to strengthen your bones organically:

  1. Eating fresh green vegetables that contain high amounts of calcium are more easily absorbed than milk. These vegetables include but aren’t limited to broccoli, spinach, kale, garlic, collard greens, and okra.
  2. Make meat stock with chicken, turkey, ham, or beef bones for an easy dose of calcium.
  3. Eat canned salmon or sardines. The soft bones that are included in the can are packed full of calcium and can be added to whatever you’re using the fish for. I make salmon patties all the time and leave the bones in for an extra kick of calcium.
  4. Cook with healthy fats like organic flax seed, olive, and sunflower oil. Of course, all oils should be checked to make sure they are expeller pressed instead of chemically pressed.
  5. Eat foods like nuts, seeds, and legumes. My personal favorites are cashews, pumpkin seeds, and pinto beans!
  6. Consume soy products. The phytoestrogens contained in soy products slow down bone loss. Look for recipes that call for tofu, miso or tamari sauce.
  7. Sunlight contains vitamin D, which your body needs to properly absorb calcium. Sit in the sun without sunscreen on your skin for fifteen minutes a day, preferably early in the morning when the sun’s rays are weaker.

These should definitely boost your calcium level and help you acquire healthier, stronger bones. I’ve found a great recipe for salmon patties here and I use it all the time.

In addition to eating the right amounts of organic foods, you can increase your bone strength through exercise. Your bones, as well as your muscles, become stronger with exercise. Weight bearing exercise, such as running, tennis, aerobic dance and jumping rope are excellent ways to increase your bone strength. If high impact exercises are impossible for you to do, try milder weight-bearing exercises, such as yoga, or weight lifting.

I hope this helps!

(Source: Wiki How)

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