Baby Steps to Healthy Eating #2

 Prior to making health conscious decisions regarding what we put into our mouths, my family wasn’t terribly unhealthy, but then again we weren’t very healthy either. We ate foods that hurt our bodies, and we encountered many health problems along the way. We consumed mass amounts of sugar, trans fats, food dyes, and the many forms of MSG. Making lasagna, jam, brownies, and biscuits ourselves was unheard of. Pancakes came out of a bag and sugar was always white (unless it was brown sugar). It wasn’t until we opened our eyes and started searching for answers that we realized how poor of a job we were doing of taking care ourselves. So, slowly but surely, we took baby steps towards cleansing our bodies of all the junk we had been eating and rebuilding our bodies to be strong and in working condition.

baby steps 2

For baby steps 1-3, click here.

Baby Step #4:

Instead of sending your child to school with Cheetos or Goldfish for a snack, give them all the energy and healthy sugars they need by sending them to school with an apple or orange. Send a sandwich bag with them to hold the apple core or orange peels until the get home if there isn’t a trash can near for them to toss it in.

Baby Step #5:

It’s easier to eat healthier when you plan out your meals because you don’t have to think up a meal on the fly. By planning ahead, you can reduce stress, which causes you to want to eat more food. And too much food obviously isn’t healthy. For this baby step, try out a menu plan. There are many that you could choose from right here.

Baby Step #6:

See if you can prepare one salad a week for a whole month. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that salads are super and healthy and can be amazingly delicious. Check out my salads board here on Pinterest.


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    These are such great tips. I especially like the one about meal planning. Not only does it cut stress, but I think it really beats that “I’m starving and I need to eat NOW, no time to shop for/make a meal, I’ll just hit a drive-thru,” trap. ;)

    • says

      Oh my gosh, definitely Allie! There have been so many times I have fallen into that trap in the past, but menu plans are my saving grace. Thanks for the compliments and hope you are well! :)

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