Quick and Simple Whole Wheat Bread


You never know what’s in the bread that you buy at the store. I might just be me, but we used to just grab whatever looked “good” and settle with that. But then I found an amazing website called Food Facts. In a nutshell, Food Facts tells you what ingredients are in certain products (such as dough conditioners), what those ingredients are made of, and give the overall product a grade.

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Menu Plan // January 2014

It’s a new year! Maybe your resolution this year is to eat healthier. I know mine is! This year I want to get into recreating the highly processed and unhealthy foods and learning all about sourdough and kefir. This month’s menu plan does not use many fruits mainly because they are not in season locally. If you’re viewing this menu plan in, say, summer or autumn, it’s perfectly fine to use fresh fruits in place of some of the side dishes.

Menu Plan // January 2014

This menu plan is one where you can test your skills in the kitchen to make the ingredients needed to put together things like burritos and tuna salad sandwiches. You can get a whole wheat bread recipe here, a tortilla recipe here, and a pita bread recipe here. You’ll love how versatile this menu plan is. You can easily switch Monday’s dinner for Wednesday’s dinner or Friday’s breakfast for Tuesday’s breakfast (I think you get the idea).

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Easy German Pancakes

If you’ve never made or eaten German pancakes, you’re missing out on quite a bit. German pancakes are very simple to make. I remember being able to make them on my own at age 10. It’s a simple process for such a divine meal. With so many different choices for toppings, I don’t think I could decide which one is my absolute favorite. But if I HAD to choose one topping to put on top of a beautiful, steaming German pancake, it would be whipped cream. And by whipped cream, I mean cream that was just whipped five minutes ago and has gotten about 12 finger marks along the inside of the bowl by random passerby’s. Yes, that whipped cream. Before I started eating real food, I would pour large amounts of pancake syrup ALL over the darn thing. And maybe, just maybe, I’d get out my handy dandy food sieve and shake 10x powdered sugar right on top of the pancake syrup mess. Yup, I was one unhealthy cookie.

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Kale Lasagna {Vegetarian}

Lasagna is a classic when it comes to American recipes. There are millions of variations and adaptations, so which do you choose? Well, you might choose the one that best suits your needs or expectations. But the selection that should be made is obviously the healthiest one. As a vegetarian, lasagna that has ground beef in it doesn’t exactly work for me, so this is the recipe that my family and I have been making for a while. Of course recipe credit goes to my mom, to whom which I thank very much for creating this amazing recipe that is vegetarian-friendly and absolutely scrumptious.


Time after time, I’ve come across recipe for vegetarian lasagna that are true to being vegetarian, but they are still in no way healthy. Where are the vegetables? Why so much dairy?

I’ve tried this recipe using whole wheat lasagna noodles, but it was in no way the same, so I like to use organic lasagna made from unbleached flour to make the lasagna healthier at all costs. You can find organic lasagna made from unbleached flour at Whole Foods, Earthfare, and plenty of other health food stores.

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