Menu Plan // June 2013

So I am always looking for meal plans because that’s just how I roll. It saves tons of money. Although I have found a few sites that have great meal plans, I need one that fits my lifestyle and diet plan. I usually end up having to create my own off of the meals that I make and the ideas that I get from other places.

Menu Plan // June 2013

My family eats lots of fruits, veggies, and grains. We eat meat as a flavor-er, not as the main course. This changes the types of meals that we can make. As a result, I have to come up with a meal plan that includes healthy, nutritious meals that I know won’t go to waste. Plus, it isn’t impossible to buy cheap healthy foods. Dry beans, rice, and lentils are so cheap and healthy it isn’t even funny. [Read more…]

Essentials of a Healthy Shopping List

Healthy Shopping ListIs your shopping list healthy? Are the things you put in there food and not ingredients? If you answered no to either of those questions, maybe it’s time you revamped your shopping list. If your trying to eat healthier, avoiding foods that are already made is a big leap towards freedom. You might be wondering what freedom I’m talking about, but I’m talking about the freedom from eating foods that are bad for you. Once you start buying healthier foods, you’ll definitely notice the difference in your diet. [Read more…]

Easy and Inexpensive Meals

For as long as I can remember, finding cheap, healthy, and delicious meals was not an easy task, especially to suit my parameters. We don’t eat a lot of meat. Meat is a flavor-er, not a meal. I have conducted extensive research on whether or not tofu is bad for you and in what amounts. But guess what I found out. Not only is it tofu okay to eat, the fact that it is fermented soy (try for organic) is seriously good for your health. I have tried tofu nuggets and tofu in ground beef form and they were both absolutely delish.


Anyways, the meal also has to have a substantial amount of nutrition in it. A Crisco loaded biscuit isn’t really going to make a twelve year old big and strong. It may make him big, but it would only make him big as in obese. It also has to at least taste a little good. Any old muffin will not do the job. So I decided to just make a list of foods that A: taste good, B: have nutritional value, and C: isn’t chock loaded with meat or processed foods.

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5 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

I am all about organizing. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. The kitchen is where you cook, where you clean, and sometimes where you eat. So, it’s crucial that this is the most organized room in the house. Besides, almost everyone wants a beautiful kitchen that’s fun and inviting.

My kitchen is has one 4 foot counter. So keeping things organized sure comes in handy. Here are a few tips to help keep your favorite room looking great!


1. Purchase a Lazy Susan.

A lazy susan is a rotating platform that effectively saves space. I use mine to organize spices

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Buttermilk Biscuits

I don’t know about you, but I could live on biscuits. My favorite type, though, is buttermilk biscuits. They always turn out, whether or not you substitute any of the following ingredients with gluten-free or dairy free ingredients. These buttermilk biscuits are the basis of any meal and highly versatile. Add your own little flare to this recipe by adding herbs such as chives and Mural of Flavor or throwing in your favorite variety of cheese. It is very crucial that you make these today, tomorrow, and everyday after that. Your life will feel complete.  Buttermilk Biscuits | Natural Chow | [Read more…]